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Are you interested in helping Main Street to be a great space that meets our community’s needs? Then you’ll love to be involved in our Urban Design Working Group.

Are you an event planner at heart? Then our Events Working Group is the place for you. Recent events include the Summer Outdoor Cinema, Vintage High Tea, Oktoberfest, Picnic in the Park, and the Winter Cinema.

Are you less about planning, and more about do-ing? Then join our “volunteer crew”.

Email us at and we’ll give you the meeting details for each working group, and add you to our “volunteer crew”.


Upcoming Projects!

The Main Street Travelling Piazza will be a vibrant space created by our community that moves and evolves to be what we need, where we need it, when we need it. Where will it appear next?

The travelling piazza will be popping up over spring and summer for a series of great events, including Pizza in the Piazza, Sprocket and Rock It! (bike breakfast) and a kids piazza day.

The travelling piazza can also be used to create parklets – and will be available to business members to use for their own events or to create a funky space for a short time.

Travelling Piazza Text
Travelling Piazza Text
Travelling Piazza Text

Main Street Urban Renewal

The City of Stirling prepared an urban design strategy for Main Street. This was adopted by Council in February 2020. The strategy includes a number of quick wins for Main Street, including a micro-piazza, more street trees and furniture, and changes to the road to make it more pedestrian friendly. We’re looking forward to seeing these improvements in our local area, and continue to work with the City to see great things happen for our hood.

For more information, check it out on the City of Stirling’s website,-plans-and-initiatives/planning-strategies

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